Owner: Gaby Shain Director: Sybil Godwin
 Artists: Caroline Swetenburg, Melissa Payne Baker, Casey Matthews, Holly Graham, Karen Scharer and Kristin Blakeney
Gallery Director Sybil at Art with Heart 2016
 Collector Janet Dickinson with owner Gaby Shain
 Artist Dennis Campay with his illustrated book!
Artist Christy Kinard with Gaby Shain & Sybil Wornall at Kinard reception
 Artists Kim Schuessler and Lynn Johnson
 Artist Caroline Swetenburg
Art With Heart 2015
 Artist Josh Brown with baby Grace!
Symphony Gala
 Director Sybil Godwin with clients
Gallery Show
Gallery girls
 Artists Christy Kinard and Nathaniel Mather
 Charles and Yvonne Mendez with Sybil and Bill Godwin
Levine Children's Hospital Gala
Gallery girls!
 Gallery Director: Sybil Godwin
 Karen Hollingsworth
 Lou the Bartender!!! Meet him at our next show!
 Artist Trip Park
 Shain Gallery on the News!
Ballantyne Hotel and Resort
 Artist Gary Bodner
 Artist Richard Fennell
 Gallery Artist: Andy Braitman
 Artist Peggie Blizard
 Artist Christy Kinard   
 Andy Braitman Solo Show!
 Artist Lynn Johnson
 Josh Brown Solo Show
Gaby Shain with artists Henry Barnes and Connie Winters
 Gaby Shain installing a Trip Park. Doing what we do best!
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