Marsh Morning 45x54
Peaceful Prose 40x60
Steeplechase Wetland 40x60
First Snow 48x36
Streamside 60x48
Dudley's Table 54x54
Purple Creek 60x48
The Savage Edge 36x48
Frost's Forest III 30x15
Laughing at the Trees 48x36
Cabin in the Distance 52x84
Frost's Forest IV 30x15
Rural Innocence 40x40
Gentle Air 30x22
Savage Mist 60x48
Coastal Heartbeat 36x24
Palette Studio 20 9x12
III 7x5
Study II 14x11
Study IV 14x11
Palette Study I 10x8
Palette Study II 10x8
Blue Mooring 33x66
Salt Water Marsh 40x60
Golden Mooring 33x66
I 7x5
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