Pope Field Tomatoes
The Fashionable Chicken
A Room for Grace
Bedroom with Scissors
A Room for Madison
Painted Tulips
The Corner Chair
The Painterly Mountain
African Plains 24X18 $5300.jpg
Bird Patterns 12X16 $2400.jpg
A Room for Spring 12X12 $1800.jpg
Bird Sactuary 18X36 $6900.jpg
Birdwatching 12X12 $1800.jpg
Camouflage Watch 12X12 $1800.jpg
Cardinal's Butterfly Collection 12X12 $1800.jpg
Carolina Lotus 16X23 $1900.jpg
Deck Flowers 8X8 $1100.jpg
Flowers Awakening 11X6 $1200.jpg
Garden Bird 12X12 $1800.jpg
Landing on Time 12x12 $1800.jpg
Migrating to the City 16X20 $3800.jpg
One Fine DAy 14X11 $2000.jpg
Patricia's Dress 16X20 $4000.jpg
Sea Water 12X16 $2400.jpg
Snowflakes 16X20 $3800.jpg
Tea in the Country 13X14 $2800.jpg
The Chic Shoe 11X12 $1900.jpg
The Italian Morning  10X13 $2200.JPG
The Typographer's Place 18X36 $6900.jpg
Time 20X16 $4000.jpg
Timeless Garden 16X16 $3500.jpg
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