Emotional Blackmail 36x48
A Friendly Reminder 48x48
Don't be tempted by the Tiny Apple 48x48
Opalescent 48x48
Reaching for Air 60x48
Creature Comforts 60x60
Subtle Beast II 24x24
Subtle Beast III 24x24
Subtle Beast IV 24x24
A Nod to George 24x18
Solid Fuel 28x22
You've Blown it All Sky High 24x18
Upgrade 16x16
A Dysfunctional Family 24x30
One Wink of Sleep 40x30
Pshaw 48x36
Raise the Bar 24x30
Salt of the Earth 36x36
The Winds Have Shifted 36x36
Unrequited Love and Subsequent Heartbreak 48x36
Before and After Photo 40x30
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