Best Friends
Dog Party
Four Hounds
Three Hounds
Three Ostriches
Ostrich on Blue
Ostrich on Red
Make a Wish
Ostrich II
Ostrich III
Ostrich IV
Three Ostriches on White
Shadows Longer than the Day
Ostrich on Watermelon
Giraffe in the Field
On Green Marks
Ears Down
Ears Up
3 On 3
Around the Corner
Beach Birds Blue on Yellow
Beach Birds Yellow on Yellow
Blue Field
Encounter II
Family of Four
Field Runners
Follow the Leader
I Spy
On Canvas
Orange Beach
Shadow Play
The Gang
Right Tilt Blue
Straight Forward Blue
Straight Forward Yellow
Birds on Pink and Yellow
More Birds
Three Giraffes
Two Cows
Two Cows
Sandy Birds
Giraffe Stack
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