Winter 48x60
A Second Home 36x36
No. 6 48x36
No. 30 48x36
The Backside of a Leaf  40x30
High Waters  36x48
A Bit of a Bird's Nest 48x48
Landscape 6 48x60
Landscape 4 8x10
Landscape 8 12x9
Landscape 60x48
Loch Ness 36x60
Factual Nonsense  48x48
Nonetheless 48x60
On the Brink I 48x36
On the Brink II 48x36
Say it Ain't So 40x30
Scapegoat 40x30
Subtle Thoughts 48x48
For Better or Worse 30x40
Standing Together 48x60
Desert Etoile 30x40
Spring's First Song 60x36
I 40x30
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