Night Fishing 54x78
Signal Light on the Sound 50x60
A Sunny Riverbank in Winter 40x40
Topsail Pier with with Rough Seas 24x10
Walker Barn in Winter 12x42
Topsail Rising Moon  10x14
Topsail Early Morning Clouds on the Sound 14x10
Topsail Early Morning Cloud Bank  10x14
Dark Evening With Green Field 15x8
Topsail Afternoon Whitecaps 14x10
Junaluska Sunset in November 18x40
Melissa's Beach 12x28
The Riverbank Golden Shadows 16x24
Whitecaps and Windy Dunes 13x28
Green Pilings in Morning Light 12x23
Morning Seagulls and Rough Seas 12x9
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