My painting process is one of spontaneity and intuition. It begins in a familiar place; the layering of washes of color with line and loose organic forms. I make mistakes and don’t paint with a precise plan. Having worked for several years in the field of graphic design, I liken painting to my opportunity to step outside the lines, experiment and take risks.

As is the case with many artists, I am captivated by light touching and altering the form and how to translate that which is in my head, heart and hands to the canvas. Flowers are the main subject to my work, though they sometimes become abstracted and fairly unrecognizable. My compositions are created from life, memory, my photographs, or purely imaginary.

I knew early on that I wanted to be an artist, but was unsure of my means of expression. I danced, I played musical instruments, I sketched, I painted. My father, a talented photographer, introduced me to my first camera at an early age. He taught me to focus, to edit, and to find what I found most important in my field of view. Though I majored in fine art, I did take a 10 year sabbatical from painting where I focussed on a career in graphic arts. I returned to painting as an occupation and have been happily, gratefully, doing so on a daily basis since 2004.


Lynn Johnson’s work has been exhibited in public and private collections around the United States. She received her BFA from Iowa State University College of Art.