Anemones 24x24
Sunflowers and Tulips 24x24
White Tulips with Apples 24x24
Joy of Life 48x48
Get Your Pretty On 48x48
Lil' Ducky 7x5
Avenue Trees IV 12x12
Snail Express 8x8
Hydrangea Twosome 16x12
A Blast from the Past 36x36
A Feather in your Cap 40x30
A Flood of Emotion 40x30
Apothecary 30x40
Memory Maker 2 36x36
Monster Mash 30x40
Rain Song 2 36x36
Svengali 60x48
Waxing Philosophical 60x48
Abstract Me 48x36
Raindrops 36x24
Aqua Flight 48x48
In Full Color 42x48
Raindrops on Roses 36x18
Vail to the Feminine 60x48
Wildflowers 34x48
Whiskers on Kittens 36x18
Window Seat 48x48
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