Console 12x16
Roses 16x12
Almost Home 9x12
Eden 12x10
The Village 12x16
White Chair 16x12
White Gothic 12x10
Yellow Dog 10x12
Nesting 6x8
Wake Up Call 8x6
For the Love of the Land 30x30
Wild New England 48x36
A Flock of Dreams 14x10
Field Songs 14x10
Rising and Gliding, I Wandered Off by Myself 40x60
Summer's Lease has All Too Short a Date 48x48
Rough Winds do Shake the Darling Buds of May 48x48
Went to the Garden and Talked for an Hour 14x10
Bird's Life 48x48
Blue Florets I 24x24
Blue Florets II 24x24
Color Riot 52x44
Floral Reef 54x48
Florets I 25x14
Florets II 25x14
Florets with Yellow, Peach, and Red I 28x14
Florets with Yellow, Peach, and Red II 28x14
Softened by Nature 48x48
Hydrangea in Black Vase II 30x24
Roses in Blue Vase I 24x30
Oranges in Chinoiserie 24x24
Lemons in Glass II 36x36
Shades of Blue II 48x60
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