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Born 1959, Winter Park, FL

Shannon Nyimicz, raised in Macon, Georgia has been a self-taught artist most of her life. Her greatest influence has been her mother, who pursued her own passion for designing clothes. In 1991 Shannon started a design business and sold her creations to boutiques and catalogs both in the US and internationally. Her success in design left her wanting to explore her talents further. Not having had any prior formal art training, she began studying with some of Atlanta’s finest art teachers. Shannon currently resides and paints in Atlanta, Georgia.  

Artist’s Statement:  

I view my artistic ability as a spiritual gift and a way to connect with people from all walks of life. My goal is to share the passion that I have for seeing and translating what is beautiful through brushstrokes that move and colors that resonate.  I love to capture reality with a twist of whimsy.  I work from imagination to create playful paintings that are primarily representational but with an element of abstraction.  Both my still life and figurative works reflect memories of my childhood or the special moments of raising daughters, and to this end, they have a meditative, almost autobiographical quality.     I approach the canvas using large brushstrokes to create energy and movement.  The colors I choose usually reflect a pleasurable experience that lingers in my mind - perhaps a piece of fabric, a flower, or even a place.  After preparing the surface, I step away from the canvas to study the light and shapes that are already emerging.  When an idea develops, I use smaller brushes to add the drawn elements. These marks are quite bold and gestural but also play an important part in the structure of the painting by adding converging lines to create perspective and depth.  After many passes of adding and taking away paint, the process is complete.  All of the stages of the painting are purposefully evident—drips of thinned paint, underlying drawings, and the layers of built up pigment.