" What is Art? That question has been asked for centuries. Art surprises life, it remains the untouchable, unattainable goal which in turn feeds our desires. Painting allows us to see what our world is telling us. Nature is at a distance and that is attractive, the interest to the human condition. Art can be subtle, evocative, beautiful and at times disturbing. As a painter, what I see, render and express connects to the beauty and strength of Art.

Every brushstroke, dot, slash, mark placed on the canvas has meaning. As interpreted it is at once familiar ,yet alien. The language of Art is not difficult to learn, and gives life meaning.

My interest remains to share this as best I can.

My process begins with an idea derived from objects , atmosphere, nature, whatever captures my attention .  The studio offers a meditativestate of mind,  laying out my tools, palette and composition starts a creative flow that is difficult to describe in words. 

The finished piece is given to the viewer to assimilate and interpret."

Mendez graduated with a Fine Arts degree from St. Mary’s Dominican College. Living in Atlanta, Georgia she pursued studies with Russian master Marc Chatov. Marc has been a great influence in her development. Under his nurturing tutelage she developed a strong style that shows a feeling for color and bold brushwork. Always appreciating works by Sorolla and Sargent, she strives for continuous growth.

Painting with confidence, juicy brushstrokes, and strong composition, she hopes the viewer will be seduced.

Mainly a studio painter, Mendez is greatly influenced by the unique spirit of Santa Fe and it continues to influence her works, consisting mostly of animals, modern still life compositions, and figures.

Mendez has exhibited throughout the United States and is currently represented by: Gallery 1401 Chattanooga, Tennessee,  and Shain Gallery Charlotte, North Carolina. Bobby Beals and Co. Santa Fe, New Mexico. Shuptrine Gallery Highlands, North Carolina.

Born in Tampa, Florida, she lives in Santa Fe, New Mexico.